Dexter J. Knox Marketing welcomes you to our site. We provide the groundwork, tools, and know-how to mold your social media footprint and expand your business and brand.

What We Do

Our team specializes in growing an individual or business’ impact on the market from the ground up or building from an existing audience.

After an initial meeting, DJK team members assess the needs of potential clients and present a “game plan” for how we can assist, teach and achieve success.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a marketing aspect that we haven’t conquered, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or direct marketing, website building, even grassroots organizing. We’ve yet to find a challenge we can’t meet.

DJK team members are each assigned to individual clients and often workshop and brainstorm as a group. Using input and expertise from within our office better creates a plan for addressing issues and the needs of our clients.

Who We Are

We are a collective of social media savvy professionals that believe small businesses and individuals still have an important place in a marketplace that’s becoming increasingly dominated by big corporate influencers.

Our backgrounds are varied yet we each share a passion for the same thing: harnessing the power of personalized marketing to establish, grow and capitalize on a brand’s potential in ways that are unique, honed and tailored to suit our client’s needs.

When you meet with a DJK team member, we’re there to do more than sell you a service. We’re there to learn about you, your product, your company, and your hopes and dreams. DJK differs from other agencies in that we don’t view success as a bottom line, we view it as just another step toward a bigger picture.

From the Desk

Follow Our Lead

Our new campaign, #FollowOurLead, launched this past week to coincide with our efforts to not only broaden our business’ scope and impact on the industry but also to start paving the path towards a new endeavor that will give creatives an outlet to experiment and gain access to the marketing world that will benefit our …

You jelly?

Jellyfish are amazing, terrifying and inspiring creatures. Oft misunderstood by the world, vilified in children’s cartoons (you can bounce on the tops without getting stung, right, Marlin?), regarded as predatorial, some have even called them monsters of the seas. For a second, without preconceptions, consider their appearance. They’re truly beautiful. In the right light, their …