Nonprofit Programs

At DJK Consulting, we believe that true growth and success come from hands-on learning and taking the reins for yourself. Our programs are specifically designed to empower small non-profit teams with the skills and knowledge needed to scale their impact and thrive independently. Our extensive experience working with non-profit clients has taught us that the key to success is not outsourcing, but rather equipping organizations with the tools they need to succeed on their own.

With our programs, you’ll have the ability to scale your resources and achieve your goals, all while maintaining a connection to our agency for ongoing support and guidance. Together, we’ll unlock the potential of your organization and help you make a real, lasting impact in your community.

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Empower Mentor Project

A 12-session year-long intensive course on nonprofit marketing covering topics such as strategy development, content planning, and social media management. The Empower Mentor program also includes ground-level services such as graphic design, content planning, and strategic planning to help organizations implement what they have learned.

This course requires nonprofits to commit to a monthly group training session to be attended by all leadership staff members. Sessions are on a predetermined schedule and include morning guided instruction, a lunch break, and a team workshop session.

For a comprehensive Empower Mentor Project overview, please visit the outline page.

Elevate Your Nonprofit

Learn from industry leaders, discover new strategies, and gain the skills needed to drive your organization’s mission forward. Sign up today and make a difference in your community!

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