Unleash the full potential of your non-profit’s impact with DJK Consulting. As a leading agency, we are dedicated to helping non-profits find and amplify their stories to create real change.

We take applications from qualifying nonprofits yearly and select one to become our Scale Client. This client will receive a year of FREE expert guidance in mastering marketing, PR and communication strategies, giving you the tools to take your mission to the next level. Our exclusive Scale program is designed to provide practical skills and a supportive network for long-term success, all at no cost to you.

Apply today and discover how we can help your non-profit organization scale up and make a greater impact in your community and beyond.

What’s Included


DJK collaborates with our Scale Client to identify, align and optimize the organization’s outreach strategy, marketing needs, and impact outcomes.

Package includes:

  • Communications Audit

  • SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

  • 2023 Opportunity Calendar

  • Tiered Crisis Response Plans

  • Monthly Strategy Meetings

  • 2024 Strategic Marketing Plan

  • Guide to Applying Data to Communications Strategy

Media Relations

DJK equips our Scale Client with best practices and tools for working with the news media.

Package includes:

  • Media Training

  • News Release + Media Pitch Templates

  • Custom Media + Influencer Contact List

  • Op-Ed Development + Support

  • Guide to Working with Media

Brand Identity

DJK coaches our Scale Client on utilizing creative services, graphic design, and digital marketing to amplify the organization’s message.

Package includes:

  • Creative Audit

  • Messaging Map

  • Web + Social Media Assessment

  • Guide to Creative Services

Stakeholder Engagement

DJK develops custom templates to help our Scale Client achieve real, measurable success with its audiences.

Package includes:

  • Donor Communication Assessment

  • Award Entry Submission (One Program)

  • Guide to E-mail Campaigns

  • Event Planning Checklist