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Community Development Programming

Unleash the power of your community and unleash your full potential with our unparalleled blend of community development and expert knowledge in collaborative leadership, participatory grantmaking, network management, and social innovation. Our team creates a customized solution for each community we serve, delivering a program that meets your unique goals and exceeds them. From implementation to establishing best practices and driving continuous improvement, our focus on learning partnerships will elevate your program delivery to new heights.

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Nonprofit Programs & Training

DJK Consulting offers a comprehensive suite of nonprofit programming designed to help organizations grow and scale their impact. Our Empower Mentor program is a highly personalized and customized experience, pairing each nonprofit with a seasoned industry expert who provides one-on-one guidance and support. In addition to this program, we regularly host workshops and seminars that cover various topics relevant to nonprofit growth and development. Whether you’re looking to improve your marketing and communications strategies, expand your network, or gain a deeper understanding of the industry, our programs are the perfect starting point.

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Corporate Programming & Training

DJK Consulting offers a range of programs and training for purpose-driven businesses looking to increase their impact and stay ahead of the curve in social responsibility. Our offerings include in-depth social impact, sustainability training, and practical crash courses for public affairs and government relations managers. These programs are designed to equip your team with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively navigate the complex landscape of corporate social responsibility and make meaningful changes in your industry and community. Whether you’re just starting or looking to enhance your existing initiatives, DJK Consulting can help you reach your goals and make a lasting impact.