The DJK Promise™

We at Dexter J. Knox Marketing have our own dreams and goals. As a team, we agree on many things but there’s an aspiration that as a company we all agree on: we want DJK to one day to be a legitimate non-profit marketing firm.

We believe in transparency, open markets, fair trade and we believe in our clients. Beyond that, we believe in helping those individuals, small businesses and brands that hear the term “marketing” and think they can’t do it themselves or can’t afford the services of firms larger than DJK currently is.

That’s why we’re debuting a new program that we hope will create goodwill among our clients, the community, and the non-profit sector.

The DJK Promise™

Every client that enlists our services will receive a 2-for-1 deal, but it will benefit not only themselves but a non-profit, small business or individual of their choosing.

That’s right, every new client that opts for our services will be given the opportunity to choose an entity to receive an offer for FREE marketing assistance from our firm.

We’re doing this because of our belief in the underdog, the people out there that think they “can’t” do it alone or simply can’t foot the bill. YOU pick the shopkeep, the non-profit or even the sports team that needs help and we make it happen. It’s that simple.


Some limitations do apply. Obviously, the entity you choose has to want and accept our services. We will not assist any politically motivated choices, nor any organization/individual that spreads hate or misinformation. A client may not choose an entity that they have at any time held any form of ownership over.


We hope all of our future clients will take advantage of this opportunity to help others while helping us move toward making DJK a part of the non-profit world by setting a precedent in our community.