You jelly?

Jellyfish are amazing, terrifying and inspiring creatures. Oft misunderstood by the world, vilified in children’s cartoons (you can bounce on the tops without getting stung, right, Marlin?), regarded as predatorial, some have even called them monsters of the seas.

For a second, without preconceptions, consider their appearance. They’re truly beautiful. In the right light, their luminescence borders on alien. Without our preconceptions about them, would we be so afraid? After all, they were here first.

Jellyfish out-date humans, fish, even dinosaurs. Scientists have found fossilized evidence dating 500 million years back that prove this intrepid if aimless, water invertebrate…is a force of nature that is quickly dominating the ocean – even halting human interference in the seas.

What does this have to do with marketing and more specifically Dexter J. Knox Marketing? We’ve decided to revere the jellyfish and what it can teach us.

Marketing companies are a dime a dozen in the social media age. We know this and (pardon the pun) understand that we are just another fish in the sea of digital commerce.

Many marketing companies maintain a laser focus on the current business landscape. Doing this is ill-advised given how the market is shifting. Some say we are on the verge of the death of social media.

We could argue against the numbers, present conflicting data or bury our heads in the sand. But, that isn’t us. Which is why we’re announcing plans to diversify what our business does.

As we’ve always promised to be, our efforts at remaining transparent during this coming wave of change is what prompted us to provide this update.

Our team is currently drawing up a new business plan that we hope will entice clientele and investors that will help us manifest a new vision for marketing in the future. Our plans include creating a full-service production facility that will house more than just our offices – it will provide an artistic landscape and canvas for creators to flourish in. Click To Tweet

We won’t go into full details at this point given every day we improve on our plans. Suffice to say: this undertaking promises to broaden artistic endeavors and possibilities for everyone in our area and abroad. We’re talking video, photography, exhibits, event space, equipment, tutorials, invention, and more – all in one location, all with the goal of helping the world see our clients in new ways.

John Lennon encouraged the world to IMAGINE. Imagine with us and be a part of spreading that message.

DJK Marketing will approach our new ventures with the same fluidity, flexibility, and ease that’s kept jellyfish a part of this world for half a billion years. It’s worked for them.

And sure: jellyfish sting…but only if you get in their way.

They were here first, after all.

Remember Dorey's wise words? Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just. Keep. Swimming. Click To Tweet

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